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We first made Biogold Original—one of our most well-known products—in 1987. The first customer was Japan’s Imperial Household Agency, which owns trees that have history going back hundreds of years. Since then, Biogold has been used by the Imperial Household Agency for its trees for more than 30 years.
Carefully produced by skilled experts using selections of the finest ingredients and microorganisms along with our proprietary fermentation technology, Biogold is a leading Japanese brand of organic fertilizer and liquid growth stimulant. It can be used for all types of plants, including , orchids, roses, and other flowers, as well as trees, grasses, and vegetables.


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We cannot ship directly to addresses outside of Japan. Please use a service such as cross-border EC.

  • *Due to the product being organic fertilizer, there may be restrictions on its importation through the customs of some countries.
  • *For questions regarding the products that are available, please directly contact the cross-border EC service that you will use.
  • *Our company shall not be liable for any damage, accidents, or disputes arising out of or between the external links.

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